What is This Thing Called Tinnitus?

Do you feel that you are doomed to live with tinnitus? Well, you are not. Are you afraid that you can never have peace and quiet in your life? Yes, you can. Would you like to stop the non-stop ringing in your ears using natural remedies for tinnitus, and avoid risky surgery and drugs? Of course you do.
But what exactly is tinnitus? Pronounced “ti-night-us” or “tin-i-tus” if you’re British :), it is also called “head noise.” It is the sound that is heard in your ears when no other sounds around you exist. It is a sound that usually does not go away. It is a sound that upsets your daily life. For some, it comes and goes. But for others, it never gets better. That’s tinnitus.
Tinnitus comes from the Latin word “tinnire” which means “a ringing.” However, these days it is commonly used to describe any weird, incessant noise or noises in your ears.
What are tinnitus symptoms? First off, the noises in tinnitus can be heard in one or both ears, and vary from one individual to another.
Though commonly referred to as ringing in the ear or ears, a ringing sound is not necessarily what a tinnitus sufferer hears. Some have described tinnitus symptoms as a humming, rushing, buzzing, clicking or some other sounds. Sometimes, it’s a combination of many.
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Take a listen to some of the different tinnitus sounds here:

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