There Are No Cures for Tinnitus — Really?

If you’ve been doing some researching, you will often read that there are no cures for tinnitus. This isn’t entirely accurate.
There are a number of cases where tinnitus has been eliminated completely with some help. In some other tinnitus sufferers, the noise in the ears eventually stopped by itself.
It has been found that sometimes, using a masking device decreases tinnitus. This is called residual inhibition. In some lucky ones, the tinnitus is completely eliminated and the masker is no longer needed.
In one individual’s experience, the elimination of MSG and an artificial sweetener from his diet made the tinnitus disappear. In another, avoiding caffeine, wheat and dairy did the trick. Acupuncture has also helped others get rid of tinnitus.
These are just a few cases where tinnitus was eliminated. There definitely is hope.

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